What I Learned Living the First Half of My 20s

Just when we thought we’ve learned enough in life, we come to realize that we still have so much of growing up to do. Lessons learned from mistakes and wisdom gained from success, combined together, will never be enough. And with each challenging moment, hard or easy, we change. We change whether we like it or not.

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Because Yes, Sometimes Love Alone Ain’t Enough

Back when I was a child, I’ve always had Disney fairytales as my preference when it comes to falling in love. You meet someone, fall for them, get through some rough roads and voila! – you’ll live happily ever after! That’s not the case at all – well, at least, not to majority.

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An Open Letter to His Ex-Girlfriend: I’m No Cinderella but the Shoe Shall Fit Me Better

I’ve known you ever since the day he walked into my life. You were the girl in his past who set him free after all the memories you’ve spent together.

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